What BACC Members Are Saying

“The collaborative spirit of this Chamber of Commerce has helped create an environment that fuels business success. The importance of this cannot be understated. Even the most driven business owners in the world need this type of environment to succeed. For many years, I’ve watched the BACC successfully promote the growth of small business, boost economic and workforce development, provide vital resources to businesses, and perhaps most importantly, facilitate community relations and partnerships that create a strong bond between business and those who live and work in our communities.

Just like the great employees at my dealerships, the hard work and dedication of the Chamber staff and membership has truly made Greater-Burlington the intersection of technology, community and commerce. All business types can benefit from this collaborate approach and new businesses are eager to move in.”
Herb Chambers, CEO
The Herb Chambers Companies
“Being a part of the BACC has been a very different, very very posititve experience for us. The value that the Chamber brings for the community, local government, and for the other businesses in the chamber is trmendous. It adds more valuue to peoples lives, as it has for us. Without the Chamber we would not have known how to contribute to the local schools, scholarship programs, 5k road races, and athletic programs. We’ve been able to make Burlington stronger in our own little way through the BACC. This definitely isn’t your grandfather’s Chamber!”
Dave Adams
President – AFC Urgent Care
“I have met some amazing people and developed strong partnerships through the Chamber. It has increased my visibility in the business community by attending the many networking opportunities. I have made strong business relationships that allow me to give back and refer the people I know and trust. I also enjoy the weekly newsletters that keep me on top of the important opportunities in the upcoming weeks.”
Lisa O’Neill,

Senior Sales Executive – isolved 

“As an attorney, clients contact my firm regularly for not only advice on matters that we handle but also for advice on who we recommend be contacted for all types of services. By being a part of BACC, we are able to provide our clients with referrals to local professionals that we know and trust and are confident can provide the services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”
Peter DaMore,
Owner – DaMore Law
It is an understatement to say the BACC greatly helps its member businesses to make connections and grow. As a member, Shine In Math Academy has been benefitting in more ways than one. Rick Parker and the board/staff go above and beyond in making sure every business’s need brought to the Chamber’s attention is met. In this process, the Chamber invests uncompromising amounts of time and effort with a sincere and dedicated approach to successfully help its members. Rick’s passion to help small businesses is immeasurable. Apart from helping Burlington businesses, giving back to the community is an ongoing process throughout the year at the Chamber. Various charity events held by the BACC bring the members and community together for a greater cause each time. Can’t recommend the BACC enough.
Madhu Tarugu
Director – Shine In Math Academy
“The chamber is a great place to network and meet people who share a common interest in serving and helping the community and their customers. HELPIS has gained a great deal of exposure and growth since becoming a member. Without your support and encouragement, our success wouldn’t have been possible. We could never have gotten where we are today without your help. Thank you Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce.”
Joyce Deliyiannis,
Founder – HELPIS
“The Black Tie Gala that the BACC organized for the charities was a phenomenal event, and showed how deeply committed the BACC and Burlington businesses are to helping worthy causes. As a Burlington resident, I am happy we have the BACC to showcase the amazing things that we have here in Burlington. And as the founder of the Skate for the 22 Foundation, it’s great to have the BACC helping us in the fight to reduce the tragically high veteran suicide rate. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for all that you do – your positive, can-do attitude will continue to be a catalyst for great things for Burlington!”
Bobby Colliton,
Founder – Skate for the 22 Foundation
“Over the years, I have truly enjoyed my association with the BACC. I have made wonderful connections both in my business life and personal life. I am especially proud that the BACC puts so much time and energy into promoting new businesses that come into the area as well as bringing awareness to our local charities and the fundraising they do to help these charities. It’s a wonderful organization, filled with wonderful people.”
Brenda Cahoon,
Realtor – EXIT Premier Real Estate
“I’ve belonged to about 15 different Chambers, and the BACC member website is far exceptional to any other Chamber’s site. I cannot express how much value the BACC has been to me in such a short period of time.
Charlotte Mattei,
Senior Vice President – Webster Bank
The Chamber provides a supportive, professional environment for businesses of all sizes.  I have developed relationships with other members who truly take an active role in my success.”
Steve Shaw,
Financial Advisor – Baystate Financial
When I joined the Chamber I wasn’t sure what to expect. The people are so nice and everyone helped us to meet new people and other business owners. I plan to use more of their services and attend more events. The Chamber is a gem hidden in plain sight.”
Paula Salvucci,
Owner – True North Coffee
“The Chamber has been a really welcoming place.  The members have been warm, welcoming and supportive, and I love that I can spread the word about resources and services to folks who work with seniors, getting the word out in a way that would be impossible without the interactions and networking that happens with the Chamber.  The Chamber gives me an opportunity to be a presence in the community that I wouldn’t have on my own.”
Marge Yetman,

Director – Burlington Council on Aging

“I have been a member of the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce for just over a year now. As the Manager of a franchise that was brand new to this part of the country, the Chamber has been essential in helping me spread the word out about our business center and what we have to offer to entrepreneurs, startups, solopreneurs and employees of large firms that permit their employees to work in a shared office environment. In the last two months alone, I have obtained three new clients whom I met at chamber networking events. I would highly recommend joining the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce to any company looking to grow their business in the Greater-Burlington region.”
Mary Gould,
Office Manager – Office Evolution
When we were just starting out and barely knew anyone in the community, joining the chamber changed everything-and in a good way.  When you participate with the Chamber, you do something positive for yourself as well as your business.”
John Belmonte,
Owner – A Whole Bunch Flower Market
“We were welcomed into the Burlington Community by Rick Parker before our official opening in November 2016.  It has been such a pleasure to be part of the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce.  We quickly created relationships with people who have become guests, friends and supporters of our business. I am so glad to have found a large group of like minded individuals, who are here to work hard and support each other whenever possible.  Our business has been positively impacted by our membership and I feel very fortunate to work in a town where the chamber works diligently to cater to the needs of it’s people.”
Erin DiNatale,
General Manager – Row 34
“Nashoba Learning Group (NLG) has greatly enjoyed and benefitted from being part of the BACC. As a non-profit, we joined the BACC to meet community leaders, raise awareness about our program, and broaden our knowledge of the surrounding businesses and organizations. Rick and the BACC staff quickly became familiar with our mission and introduced NLG to a variety of local businesses and leaders. We understand that there are many non-profits involved in the Chamber, but what Rick and his team excel in doing is making every member of the Chamber feel special. When the Residence Inn was looking for a non-profit to sponsor, Rick pointed them in our direction. When the BACC Golf Tournament needed a charity hole, NLG was nominated. When a BACC committee member won the Chopps Champion award, they chose NLG to receive the charity donation.  Throughout the surrounding area, NLG is well known and has a high reputation. A large part of this is due to being part of a wonderful, exclusive, and meaningful Chamber.”
Emily Wheet,
Development Manager – Nashoba Learning Group
“Part of our concept is to integrate ourselves into the community.  Having the introductions, having doors opened and having phone calls made for us by the Chamber, has been fantastic!”
Richard Bracket,
General Manager – The Bancroft
“As a recent new comer to Burlington, the BACC was very helpful in opening doors for me and the company I work for. At my very first meeting with the Chamber, I received an overview of Burlington from its past to present, and the tremendous growth the town has experienced in a relatively short period of time. Getting involved with the Chamber has helped me understand the inner workings of the town and connected me to the variety of business that make the town thrive. As newcomers to the community, attending the Chamber events, my wife and I have met new friends, which has made our re-location to the area a very positive experience.”
Mark Young
General Manager-Boston Marriott Burlington
The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce is an excellent organization to participate in for any company. As an engineering firm working on projects in the Burlington Area, the BACC has promoted our projects and clients. The BACC has also introduced us to new clients and collaborators in friendly and fun settings such as the Spring Soiree and Women in Business Lunches.”
Katie Moniz
BSC Group
“The BACC is a remarkable resource for businesses throughout the Burlington area. The BACC staff go above and beyond. They are everywhere, know everyone, and are a tireless advocate for area businesses. I highly recommend BACC as the members, events, and connections have been invaluable and enjoyable.”
Stephanie Cronin,
Executive Director – The Middlesex3 Coalition
“The BACC is in a class by itself in how the organization serves the business community. The choice to join the Burlington Area Chamber rather than another chamber was an easy one. The staff and the board pay attention to the needs of their members. There are numerous opportunities for all members to interact as participants at the wide variety of events we can attend. You can expect great interaction among the attendees. There are also opportunities to present and promote our companies and organizations at some of the events. The positive vibe of this group and the energetic, dedicated team who helps organize all of the events and activities, benefits all members – new as well as established.”
Robin Tyrie,
Owner – Rees Marketing Resources
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