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Not Yet-Member FAQs

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent, 501(c)(6) business organization, not associated with any local, state, or federal agency. Our primary sources of funding are through sponsorships, events, and promotional opportunities. Membership fees provide only a portion of the funding necessary to fulfill our scope of services.
Membership benefits include (but are certainly not limited to): landing page on BACC website, job postings, advocacy for local issues/concerns via Government Affairs committee, event postings, sponsorship & other promotional opportunities, educational seminars geared towards maximizing your membership, member pricing at events, news releases, job postings, inclusion in BACC newsletter, member-to-member discounts, connection to local charitable organizations & more.

Membership dues are based primarily on the number of individuals working at an organization’s location. Special pricing applies to charitable and educational organizations, among others. In order to determine the cost of your organization’s membership dues, please fill out our NO-COMMITMENT application, and we will respond to you with complete details, including pricing and member benefits.

Once you have submitted you NO-COMMITTMENT application, we will respond to you with complete details, including pricing and member benefits. The response will include a link to activate your membership.

Memberships run annually from your join date (dues are not prorated).

Yes, there are options to pay annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. All payment plans are limited to electronic methods (ACH, debit and credit card). Members can choose any of these payment options through our secure member portal.

Yes, we welcome all business professionals to sample our events before joining. Representatives from not yet-member organizations can attend 2 events at the non-member price, after which your organization will be asked to make a decision on BACC membership. Please note that ALL BACC events require pre-registration, as many of our events have set capacities. Members always receive priority in the registration process.

While our events are extremely popular, and provide unique opportunities to build business relationships, they represent a mere fraction of the benefits of a BACC membership. Many of our members realize advantages, including increased visibility, promotional opportunities, education, connections, discounts, insight, advocacy and more. Keep in mind that there may be other employees in your organization that can take advantage of the unique opportunity that face-to-face networking can provide.
  • Unlike some business associations, the BACC encourages all organizations looking to maximize their opportunities for business development or community engagement, to become members
  • We offer a variety of events and programs for members to become engaged
  • There are actually benefits to joining an organization with multiple members in the same industry: advocacy, knowledge, credibility and sharing best practices
  • Receive the resources and information that members in your industry enjoy
  • Collaborate and build relationships with members outside of your industry
  • Become a member where the power of many is used to solve common challenges

Absolutely. The BACC currently has member organizations located in more than 40 cities and towns outside of Burlington.  these members realize the benefit of belonging to an organization that provides real value, information and connections.

  • Our events/programs/benefits are unique compared to other business organizations
  • In today’s world, geography is no longer a limiting factor in business. The BACC has a number of tools and methods to give any organization a local presence.

Yes, as long as they are an employee of the organization and location(s) listed in your BACC member account. BACC members receive discounted rates at most events and registration is simple using our secure, online Members-only Information Center. Companies offering BACC member discounts and specials, reserve the right to ask for some proof of employment with a BACC member (a company badge or business card will usually suffice).

Member FAQs

Log into the Member Information Center, and click on the “Events” tab. See “Events I’ve registered for”.

*Note: only applicable for Primary or Billing Representatives. To verify what type of representative you are, select “Personal Information” on the Home page of the MIC. Scroll down to see if the “Primary” or “Billing” Representative boxes are checked.
Log into the Member Information Center. Look for a box on the top right of the home page titled, “Account Balance”. Payments can be made here.

No. Per our privacy policy, the BACC does not sell or share members email addresses with anyone.  Members can contact one another via a contact form in our member portal.  We make every effort to limit the number of emails our members receive and respect their privacy and time.

We do not sell email blasts.

Mailing: address labels are located in the “Resources” section of the Member Information Center. Log in and click the “Resources” tab on the Home page. Then select the “Business Tools” category.

Electronically: There is a member contact portal in the Member Information Center where members can contact each other. We urge members to proceed with caution. Our members are encouraged to create personal relationships and not sell to each other. We’ve found that fostering lasting business relationships is highly dependent on knowing, liking, and trusting your partners. Communication access is subject to be revoked upon mass messaging or sending messages containing solicitations.

Get engaged. There are numerous opportunities for increased involvement. Attend events, member educational sessions (“Maximizing Your BACC Membership”), sponsor an event, and more.

Note: You must be the Primary Representative to add/remove employees from your company profile. To verify what type of representative you are, select “Personal Information” on the Home page of the MIC. Scroll down to see if the “Primary” Representative box is checked.
Log into the Member Information Center. Click on the “Company Information” tab on the left. Select “Employees” from the submenu. You may add or remove via this page.

The MIC has diverse capabilities, the most common of which include posting events, member to member deals, and hot deals. Below are some video/document tutorials (found in the “Resources” section of the MIC) that walk you through these processes. Or you can simply thank another member for great service in a status update (scroll down on the MIC home page, and type your message in the text box).

Event Posting

Job Posting

Hot Deal/Member to Member Deal Posting

This is just the beginning of the benefits of the MIC. Our monthly training sessions teach members how to maximize their BACC membership via personal involvement, and through the Member Information Center, our online portal for member interaction. Sessions are led by BACC President Rick Parker on the first Wednesday of every month, and are designed to inform members of the benefits that come with a BACC membership. The classes are limited to 12 attendees, to give the chance for individual attention to each member as needed. You will learn everything from how to post a job opening to how to track your page views. We have received extremely positive feedback from these sessions; members are learning things they would have otherwise not been aware of. All sessions are held at Cambridge Savings Bank 3rd Ave in Burlington. See our events calendar to register for an upcoming session.

Since this is an occurrence lasting longer than 24 hours, this should be posted as a news release on our site rather than an event. For our software purposes, anything running longer than one day is considered a program or promotion, and must be submitted as a news release. Events are considered to be something being held at a specific time on one day. News release posting tutorials and event posting tutorials can be found in the “Resources” tab in the Member Information Center, under the category “BACC Website User Help”.

Yes. If the organization is a member, we are happy to help. Click here to learn how to coordinate your event with the BACC.
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