About Our Chamber

Our Mission and Goals

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) promotes and advocates on behalf of organizations doing business in the Greater-Burlington area. The BACC provides opportunities and advocacy for our members on many levels including:

Small Business

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce provides vital benefits to small businesses. Our events and programs foster meaningful connections to expand an organization’s professional circle and reach. Our education and training programs provide valuable knowledge and sharpen skillsets. We advocate for small business to ensure their collective interests are represented.

Economic Development

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to powering economic development by advocating for pro-business policies, providing collaboration opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship, and supporting workforce development. We are essential in maintaining a vibrant and thriving local economy.

Workforce Development

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce supports workforce initiatives to ensure businesses stay competitive in an evolving landscape. We offer resources to both employers and employees to help them navigate sources of training and funding. We foster a support system for career advancement and industry connections.

Community Relations

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce promotes positive corporate citizenship by encouraging volunteerism, nurturing a culture of respect, and cultivating meaningful relationships with community organizations. We serve as the link between businesses and community partners to ensure a match and the betterment of both organizations.

BACC Charitable Foundation

The Chamber’s 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation provides scholarships and support to local schools, community and charitable organizations and more…

Business Resources

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce offers regulatory guidance to help businesses navigate compliance requirements. We help businesses with training, recruitment, and funding opportunities to maintain a competitive workforce. We strive to provide our members with the tools and information to promote business success.
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